Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I went shopping

This week I ordered some bits from Boots I ordered them online on Sunday evening and they arrived on Thursday. I have never ordered from boots before and using the website was pretty good and the delivery of my box of goodies was seamless, I liked the fact they asked about any special requirements e.g times your more likely to be home. I stated for my package to be delivered after 3pm and my package arrived at 3.15pm awesome.

The first things I ordered were from Origins I got the A perfect world face cleanser and Well off eye makeup remover and because I ordered online as an offer they gave me 2 samples of the Drink up intensive overnight mask.

I have wanted to try origins stuff for a while now and in March of this year I booked me and my mum in for a mini facial for mothers day. At the time I was unable to afford the products recomended as it was a week before my wedding and funds were very tight. From this mini facial I kept a record of these products so I already had an idea of what cleanser I wanted.

The cleanser cost me £18.00 for 150ml and it smells so good. To me it smells very natural and refreshing and I have used it twice and my husband commented on how nice the smell was, its not overpowering and doesn't linger on your face as to annoy you. This cleanser is a foaming face wash and you apply by wetting your face and putting a bit in your hands and washing your face. The first time i used it i put far too much in my hand and there was product everywhere so, learning from my mistakes i halved it and was slightly better but, tomorrow morning im going to use an even smaller amount and see how i get on. First impressions are good and from the amount i will be using its sure to last a long time.

I have been looking for an eyemakeup remover for a while now and have tried a couple but have decided i do not like oil based makeup remover products. I researched products on the internet and found out the Origins one was not oily and was gentle on the eyes so seeing boots were giving free gifts when you buy 2 Origins products I thought i would try it out. This cost me £16.00. Again the smell is light and fresh smelling and so far has taken my makeup off however, i have only used it once and it made my eyes sting a little.

The overnight masks smell lovely and I cant wait to try them out.

I also took advantage of the 3 for 2 offer Boots are doing with Soap and Glory products. I firstly got the No clogs aloud super self heating deep pore detox mask (bit of a mouthful lol). I have used this product before and was the reason for checking out the Soap and Glory selection. I love this face mask it makes blackheads disapear and and the mask heating on your face is a nice sensation. A word of warning though this face mask contains acid and if you have sensitive skin can sting.

After recently watching Tanya Burr's favorites video on youtube i have really wanted to try the sugar crush body wash and the body scrub. I was not disapointed with the smell it smells like keylime pie its sweet but not sickly sweet the lime cuts through I love it and the body wash looks thick and luxurious. The scrub smells kinda the same but has a more soap scent it has a very sticky texture so we will see how it fairs in the shower tomorrow. Now having both the wash and scrub i wish i brought the moisturiser as well. I paid £11.00 for the face mask, £8.00 for the scrub and the body wash was free.

Lastly i bought the No7 instant radiance foundation in the colour cool vanilla. On the box it says it has a medium coverage is for all skin types and is for tired and stressed skin. I tried it this morning and did give my face a glowey look but the coverage was more light than medium but am going to give it a bit longer to see if it was me not putting enough on.

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