Saturday, 17 August 2013

Spring/Summer empties

During the end of spring and most of the summer I have been collecting up empties and thought I would show and review these.

Firstly is the end of my Mac mineralize skin finish natural powder and I am so sad that this is gone because it lasted forever and I can't afford to repurchase it at the moment. I used the colour Medium and it set my foundation perfectly and did what it's supposed to and didn't clog up on my face. The texture is light and still covers nicely.

Staying with face products I also used up No7 Beautifully Matte foundation in the colour cool vanilla. I loved this it was thick to cover well and made my usally oily skin nice and matte. I have not brought this particular foundation again as it’s a bit thick for summer also, this foundation only has a SPF 15 and as the UK had a heat wave in July I wanted something with a higher SPF, however will definitely get it again in the winter.

Way back in May I stopped using my Super Extend Extreme mascara by Avon. I didn’t run out but it got that horrible old mascara smell (I don’t think anyone ever runs out of mascara before it smells). While I was using this mascara I liked it however when I started using my new mascara I realised the formula was pretty wet and it smudged a lot when I rubbed my eyes. I really liked the brush half the bristles were long and the others were short this helped a lot when curling my lashes and the brush really separated my lashes without making them look too clumpy and spidery.

Moving on to skin care the beginning of this month I ran out of my simply sensitive toner this is a Simple dupe from Boots. This toner is really refreshing and contains Aloe Vera which is soothing. I have already repurchased this and really like this product.

Also I ran out of my Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream this eye cream is really nice and is really good for brightening dark circles, however I do not like the smell and that goes with most of the Balance Me products I have tried whether this is because it’s a natural product I don’t no. The formula is nice and thick and melts in the skin nicely.

Going onto hair I have gone through a few bottles of everyday shampoo but havent saved them all but I use Alberto Balsam sun kissed raspberry and its very sweet and makes my hair feel nice and clean.

I also ran out of my Big shampoo from Lush I use this once a week to clarify my hair and I love it it takes out all the build up on my hair and makes it feel like it has more volume for the rest of the week. I have already brought this again and will keep buying until I find something I like equally as much.

For conditioner I have ran out of Aussies Mega Instant conditioner I love love love this conditioner it lightly conditions my hair and makes it smell awesome. I havent repurchased this yet as I am using Lush Veganese conditioner but after that has ran out I will be buying again.

I can now finally throw away this stuff and start collecting more yay!!!

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