Tuesday, 6 August 2013

July favorites

These favorites are going to be a bit short today as I have not brought anything new and I have been using the same products, however i do have a couple.
First up is somthing that loads of people have raved about but it is good. Its the stay matte powder from Rimmel.  This stuff is amazing it keeps my foundation on and stops my oily skin from being an issue. I got this in the colour natual though I will probably get the transparent one next time as I don't use it for coverage just for setting my foundation.

Next is doll'd up mascara from Seventeen in the colour black this is just about finished with as its starting to get that old mascara smell and going a bit dry, however it's still good. I like the formula its not too thick and the plastic curved wand separates my lashes without making them spidery. I also like it's staying power although its not waterproof it does last the whole day and I rub my eyes constantly and it dosn't smudge.

Lastly (told you this was going to be short) is a lipstick and lipgloss combination.  The lipstick is a Glossy box lipstick called Glossy Pink. This is a very creamy and does have a bit of natural shine but i add a FCUK lipgloss over the top it has slight shimmer in it and makes the colour a little less dull.

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