Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Am I the only one

It's 1.30am and I can't sleep am I the only one who never sleeps in hotels I have to be up at 3am and I can't sleep. What's really frustrating is that I have a really full on day tomorrow. 

I am going to Dublin on a work trip and our flight is at 6.30am then I have full study day then a 4hr gap and then we are being taken for dinner and a night out how am I going to last for the full day!!! 

Maybe lots and lots of coffee and sugar!!!

Anyway I haven't blogged for ages mainly because we have been so busy with hubby looking for work and doing his accountancy course and me trying to get used to being a housewife. 

I thought of a really good blog idea wrote it and then deleted as I thought it was rubbish but I was going to do my how we plan and go food shopping for a week then I was going to post the recipes for the meals I cooked throughout the week. I don't no if anyone would be interested. Anyway I might go have a shower or lie in my room in the dark. Night xx 

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