Monday, 13 January 2014

Monday finding motivation

Well it's Monday not quite morning and I am on a mission to try and organise my bedroom. This by no means an easy task we live in a one bedroom flat and every bit of spare space holds our stuff and a lot of junk. Today while still feeling a bit groggy it's mission bedroom. 

Since Christmas our bedroom has turned into a dumping ground and a complete mess. (Here is where someone would put a before picture but I'm a bit embarrassed to show it.)

Our bedroom is by no means dirty other than a pile of my husbands clothes I need to pick up its clean but the amount of stuff everywhere is starting to get to me. The main problem we have in our bedroom is the lack of storeage for clothes I have one wardrobe that I share with my husband we also have a chest of drawers that's falling apart (this is an entirely different rant) and I have a dressing table that's got alsorts of mainly mine stuff chucked on it. One other problem is being winter things like coats, jumpers, cardis and scarfs are thicker and take up more room.  Our bedroom is also the main room to hold our clothes horses to dry washing as the hallway is just too drafty to dry anything.

I kinda wish one of those programs where people go in and reorganise your stuff but that's not happening so it's down to me.  So after I post this blog I am turning off the internet putting on some motivational music (probably Greenday) and going to get organising and I am going to try to be ruthless and throw or donate anything that's no longer worn or needed. 

Wish me luck xx

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