Tuesday, 3 June 2014

What's in my bathtub! Summer edition

I haven't blogged in a long time and seeing as I'm going to have a bath I would post a what's in my bathtub blog sorta thing.

The shampoos I am currently using are Aussie colour mate and the body shop rainforest radiance for coloured hair and I alternate between the two. I prefer the Aussie shampoo because I feel it lavers better and my hair feels more clean afterwards the body shop one dosn't contain silicones which I no is better for coloured hair (my hair is currently dark red) but, you have to use more of an effort to get a good laver. Conditioners I'm using is the Olia aftercare conditioner as I only dyed my hair a week ago although I am going to stop using this soon as it makes my hair a little too greasy I will then go back to my staple conditioner the miracle moist from Aussie this mourturises my hair enough yet is lighter so it dosn't bog my hair down. 

My husband got me the lush happy bathday set and I am savouring everything in it by cutting and spitting them in half my favorite so far has been the avobath bath bomb I currently have a slight obsession with the smell of lemongrass (mmmmm lemongrass) however, tonight I am going to use the melting marshmallow moment. I also have a boots cheap plain bubble bath that is scent less I add it to my bath bombs as I'm not a huge fan of bath with no bubbles. 

Shower gel and scrub are both from soap and glory. I have the orangeasm body wash which smells amazing so amazing my husband has taken a liking to it and has started using it. For scrub which I use once a week in the shower after my Wednesday swim is the smoothie star oat, sugar and Shea breakfast scrub and I only use this once because it smells so darn nice I would probably end up eating it hehe. 

 Errm what else oh yeah hand soap I am using the goddess from lush also a gift from hubby and also one I might have to hide from him!! And razor I am using the Venus White tea one and I have used it twice and it smells nice and it does the job. 

For mouturisers after a bath and showering I am alternating between the soap and glory orangeasm body butter and the body shop mountain rose body butter and I have no preference as they both smell amazing. 

I have no candles in the bathroom currently but am on the look out for a nice scent so if anyone has any favorites feel free to pop your suggestions in the comments. 

I suppose this is my summer what's in my bathroom as I will be using the same sort of things for a while. 

Thanks for getting this far I can't seem to stop rambling :D 

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