Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Days that make you feel useless!!!

Everyone has them. Everyone doesn’t want them. However the nasty horrible thoughts wander into your brain and take over every thought and action you make.  How can I get myself out of my Wednesday grump??

I have so much housework to be getting on with (my house is a bombsite) and all I have managed to do is put one load of washing into my washing machine and procrastinated on the internet watching holiday Vlogs.

 I know why I’m in a grump I stupidly read my Timehop this morning and remembered how excited I was 2 years ago packing to go on honeymoon the hope, the joy and excitement of the holiday of a lifetime. It’s now been two years and I’m no further along on what I wanted to accomplish and that makes me sad and caught wanting.

 I miss planning and it’s been two years is that weird? I hated planning my wedding I hated the stress and the build-up but, I miss being busy and my mind being preoccupied.

I am also 29 this year the last year of my 20’s and that’s scary. Why is 30 such a big number? In the long game it’s not that old I didn’t care when I hit 25 I was happy to be far away from being a teenager (I hated being a teen does everyone?) however, 30 is scary it’s being a grown up. Will I feel like one? I certainly don’t now. Do I have to dress different being 30? Do I have to talk different? Drink wine instead of cocktails and pints of beer?

I also am thinking have I done enough fun things in my 20’s? What have I done to make my life special? Did I go to university like I wanted to? No. Did I travel the world? Not as much as I wanted.

 I did meet and marry an amazing man. I did go to Glastonbury and have an amazing time. I did go to America and France and Greece. I did learn how to apply bronzer without looking like an Umpa Lumpa (this took longer than it should).

I should look at what I have done instead of what I haven’t however, I’m in a Wednesday grump and I think it’s going to be a big task.

Netflix duvet day or housework???? 

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