Thursday, 1 June 2017

May favourites 

Pinch punch the 1st of the month! 

Happy June and the start of summer. (June is summer right?) 
May has been a good month it's the month of my birthday and I turned 31. The weather has been pretty good other than the week of my birthday where it pretty much rained all week. 
With the sun shining and the later nights my mood has improved and I have a list of things I would like to do this summer. My husband still has a few months left of his course but the end is near so we have decided to enjoy life and go on long walks and concentrate on being a couple again. 

Well this has been a long intro for my may favorites so here they are.

Since going on Metformin and Prenatals my hormones have been balancing and having monthly cycles has changed the condition of my hair and scalp. My hair has become thicker and a little stronger and my scalp has being more sensitive and itchy so I needed a shampoo that was gentle to my scalp and still protected my hair. I have been using Garnier the delicate soother for a couple of months and now my scalp is feeling less irritated and my hair is feeling clean and conditioned. 

My skin is also going through some changes due to hormones my usual sensitive oily skin has become combination skin with some very dry patches. Also now I get the dreaded pre-menstual acne around my mouth and on my chin. I have found Soap and Glory vitamin c facial wash completely cleanses my skin and removes dead skin. I'm also using simple toner (not sure if this does anything or I use it out of habit). I end my routine with Garnier moisture bomb day and night cream. This routine has made my skin cleaner, softer and generally feeling a bit better. 

My favourite candles this month have been three from Primark. I don't tend to burn many candles in summer, however we have burnt these most nights through May. These candles were only a pound each and the scents really dissipates throughout the room. My favourite scents are deep nectar and ginger flower, amberwood and rose and wild orchard and honey. All three are floral and fresh and make my house smell amazing. 

I hope everyone have had a good May and that June is going to be just as good. 

Just Kelly xxx 

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