Sunday, 18 June 2017

Our sunny weekend together

This weekend was a rare weekend where my husband was 1 not working on a Saturday morning and 2 deciding to do less studying. The weather in the UK has been beautiful and sunny so spending the weekend inside doing housework was not going to happen.  

Saturday morning we packed up a picnic of treats and leftover pizza from the night before and set off  in a local small ferry across the Tamar to Mount Edgecombe in Cornwall. Here in the Westcountry we had lots of beautiful places to explore and this lovely country estate is perfect for picnics and relaxing in the sun. 

We set up our duvet cover (realized in the morning we do not own a picnic blanket) and while hubby did some studying I lounged in the sun reading and filling out my planner and new journal.  A lovely elderly man sat at a nearby bench and chatted to us while eating his sandwiches. He told us about how when he was younger this is where him and his sadly deceased wife used to take picnics. As we ate our lunch we listened to this weeks podcast of my dad wrote a porno (our new weekly obsession were currently catching up on the previous seasons). 

While over there we also explored the coastal walks and what the beautiful woodland estate hide. We  came across a secret garden and a country pub where we both enjoyed a beer before getting the ferry back home. 

With the year we have had taking a day/weekend to just reconnect is doing us the world of good. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of summer and have little trips planned. 

Just Kelly xxx   

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