Monday, 6 November 2017

October Favorites

Where did October go, wasn't it August just yesterday?

I haven't done a favourites post in a while so here we go. 


This month has not been the coldest start to Autumn, however I have embraced my pre-hibernation phase and have enjoyed lots of TV. 

While most people have been watching the new seasons of Stranger things etc I have been reliving my love of Big Bang Theory and have maybe watched (ok definitely watched) seasons 7,8 and most of 9. I remembered how much I loved the gang and cried again when Mrs Wolowitz died. I have also been obsessed with Strictly Come Dancing and have not only been watching the main Saturday night show but also the sister show It Takes Two for my nightly fix. 

I watch loads of YouTube however, one channel that has really stuck out is Rhiannon Ashley Vlogs shes been vlogging every other day in October and I watch her just before I go to sleep as I find her little family so relaxing and calm. 


October was the month of singing Disney out loud in the house (not just me but hubby too) so I had to mention the Disney Hits playlist on Apple Music as it has the perfect mix of new and old to sing out loud while the houses either side do major house improvements and the drilling is driving me insane. 

Make up 

I have an addiction to Lipsticks, whether they are actually sticks or the liquid kind. This month I have been wearing the NYX Liquid Suede in the colour Sandstorm on most makeup days. It lasts all day even with eating and drinking.

The only other thing I have been wearing on my lips is an old original Carmex lip-salve. I forgot how good this was, my chapped lips are loving it. 

I have also loved dyeing my hair this month. In September I bleached the ends of my hair blonde, and this month I have dyed the ends bright pink. I used the Bleach London colour called "The Big Pink", it made my hair bright bright pink and I've loved it. When it fades after a few washes it goes a lovely rose gold. Having really thin and short hair I have been able to use the same bottle 3 times.  

Clothing and Accessories 

I love me a handbag and this year I have also jumped on the mustard band wagon (much to my husbands dismay, hes not letting me accessorize the whole house) with buying a mustard tote bag. This bag is the Molly zip tote bag, it has one big area which closes with a magnetic clasp and has a zipped pocket on the outside. I love that it has smaller straps and a detachable long strap. I have worn this bag constantly since I brought it in the beginning of October and I got 30% off which was a bonus. 

I also love me a cardigan and I have found my perfect over-sized chunky cardi. It's a brown boyfriend cardi from Primark and it's huge and warm and cozy. I have worn it every day in October, (my hubby even wore it one day waiting for the bus as he had forgotten to bring a hoodie and he didn't want to take it off.). If I haven't worn it out I have definitely worn it over my pj's at home (I am doing so now), its so warm!

With October over and November just starting I'm going to enjoy more cozy evenings with the hubby (he made me type that the cheeky over the shoulder reader hehe) and lots more hot chocolates and oh can we talk about Christmas yet?

Thanks for reading.

Just Kelly xxx

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