Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday lazy daze

So it's Sunday and leaving my washing till today turned out to be bad as its looked on the cusp of rain all day. So we have done nothing most of the day.

I took 2 amitriptolin tablets last night as the headaches have come back this weekend with vengeance this made this morning getting up hard and my brain pretty fuzzy.

Watched 3 films today Garden State with Zach braff being my favourite made me think about our little life and how being with my husband is what keeps me going waking up to his face every morning makes getting out of bed more tolerable.

We got married on the 15th of march this year and have been together 4 years he is truly my best friend and soul mate. We go on honeymoon in 13 days and we have an action packed Orlando holiday booked. We booked it before I became ill and we are taking a wheelchair as going round the parks will be a problem. Things left to do for are holiday are mainly pack and tidy the flat but we can leave that another weekend.

My right arm feels good today so I helped Rich cook cottage pie he chopped, peeled and carried the saucepan he was my sue chef (I have no idea of the spelling).

So this evening is bath and watch the village and once upon a time and back to work tomorrow.

Me and rich at our wedding

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