Monday, 29 April 2013

T.V Addicts

Me and my husband watch a lot of TV. Put it this way when we had to evaluate our bills when I reduced my hours it wasn’t the Glossy Box subscription, the Mac foundation I love, or even the Aussie shampoo and conditioner that I missed, no it was our sky subscription. No longer can we just sit and watch sky movies, or for my husband sports, in glorious HD. We went through everything. Can we live without food? Paying the water bill? Council tax? No it had to be done we had to end it, get rid of the expensive extras, however we couldn’t part with it altogether that would be just too painful, sky Atlantic is our vice how can we live without repeats of E.R and House, the exciting new Game of Thrones, and the clincher was being able to pause and skip the adverts which is a pet hate of mine. Yes I no you can get freeview boxes that do this but no we are on a budget and can’t afford the box!

At the moment my favourites are Masterchef, Once Upon a Time, The Village, Game of Thrones, Dr Who and so many more that I just have to tape to watch over and over.  I even have my husband deleting the movies we have saved so there’s enough room for our programs when on honeymoon. I have taken 3 weeks off with the thought of getting over jetlag after our holiday of a lifetime, but no it will be a week of us frantically catching up on our T.V shows. Will we get home after over 24hrs of travelling and go to bed? No we will get the T.V on and watch the two episodes of Dr Who we have missed!! it’s a serious problem that most people wont admit too, we’re not lazy we just love T.V!!!!

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