Saturday, 27 July 2013

Quick life update

Not much blogging this week as life, decorating and health have got in the way.

Firstly Richard and a little help from his dad decorated the living room. Its gone from a dull, dark and depressing grey with a muddy brown feauture wall to having a nice coat of magnolia and a feature wall with floral wall paper with red flowers and brown and gold vines. The only before picture i have is when we 1st moved in last December.

We have wanted to decorate this room from the moment we saw it, however wedding and honeymoon came 1st so decoarating was paused and not many people invited round as the room was not very inviting.  Now the room is brighter and prettier and it just needs a few accents some cushions and flowers just to finish it off.

While my husband has been busy decorating I have been feeling rubbish my M.E has been playing up and going to work has been a struggle so spent the time off work in bed trying to feel better.

This weekend my dad has gone on holiday so we have two very specail dogs keeping us company we have Vodi a chocolate labradoodle and Lenin a beautiful red staffy both have so far been well behaved and have enjoyed running around in our long garden.

I have a couple of things to post in the next week I have been collecting empties and I got some samples in magazines that I want to review so hopfully some more posts this week health permitting.

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