Monday, 9 September 2013

August favourites and dislikes

Hello, I haven't posted in a long time as me and my husband Richard have been enjoying the end of summer and Richard has also been hogging the computer playing his new obsession Blood Ball. So I am using the blogger app on my phone to write this today. 

As I am on holiday from work at the moment I thought I would catch up on some posts. So today I am doing my August favourites and dislikes (I no a week later than everyone else). 

I am going to start with lip products I have two I have been mainly using this month and both I have recently found whole cleaning out my makeup drawer. 

Firstly is a lipgloss from missguided I think I got this from from Cosmo or glamour last summer. I got the colour love and it's a beautiful pearly pink with white silver micro glitter throughout. The lipgloss is a little sticky but it looks so nice on my lips that I forget about it. 

I also found my maybelline baby lips balm that I brought in Walmart when I was on honeymoon. I got the colour pink pinch and I love it, it smells so sweet and the colour is so pretty and as a balm it does the trick. I do wish I brought the balm with an SPF in but overall a good product.

Next for eyes last month I favoured a mascara and that it was starting to smell so I invested in a new mascara and thought I would try the Rimmel scandal eyes retro glam mascara in black. The brush is a little scary as I was used to the dainty brush on the dolled up mascara but after the initial poking myself in the eye a few times I realised how good it separated and curled my lashes without looking to clumpy and spidery and I even had a few people commenting on how long my lashes were. I would recommend this mascara as its brilliant.

My next two products are face masks firstly is the Origins drink up intensive over night mask and this is amazing. It smells so fresh and makes my skin look so soft and clear. The fact you only need a tiny bit for your whole face is a bit bonus because it lasts for ages, I have had the same sample bottle for months and I use it at least once a week. This has cleared up my bit of patchy dry skin I was having at the beginning of summer without making my skin too oily. 

The other face mask I also have in a sample is the eve lom rescue mask. This smells a bit funky but is not too overpowering when on the skin and it deep cleans the skin making it feel deep cleaned and glorious. 

And now to the products I haven't liked in August. 

Firstly is a makeup shadow brush from Vintage cosmetics. I don't like this brush mainly because the bristles fall out really easily (I don't no if this is just a one off with my brush) and also the bristles are very tough and scratchy on my eyes and make grooves in my eyeshadow, also when applying the product just clings to the brush and doesn't transfer onto the eye very well. This is disappointing as I use the vintage cosmetics tweezers and they are very good.

The last two are mascaras and I might surprise you with the 1st but I did not like the benefit there real mascara. It just made all my top eyelashes stick together and the formula is just to thin and although the bristles on the end are a really good idea and did work well on my bottom lashes, however when putting on my top lash it was scratchy on my eyes. The other mascara is the no clumps definition mascara from collection this just didn't seen to do anything to my lashes the brush didn't seem to hold any of the product though one positive it didn't make my eyelashes clump. 

That's all for my August likes and dislikes and all the opinions in this blog are my own and if you use them you might have different views.

I have written this whole blog using the app on my phone and its very easy to use and I will be using this again to write future blogs so they now might be more frequent. 

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