Thursday, 12 September 2013

Quick boots haul

Treated myself to some goodies in boots today and thought I would share. 

First I went to the No7 counter as I needed more foundation and thought it was about time to be rechecked as I have caught a little bit of sun on my face. No7 have this machine that tests the colour of your skin and matches it to a foundation colour. My colour now is warm beige. I got the instant radiance as I loved the coverage and the staying power and I hope this colour isn't too dark. 

While at the No7 counter I also brought some match made concealer in the same colour as my foundation because I have been getting some breakouts recently and the only concealer I have is highlighting under eye. 

I also needed a new liquid eyeliner and after trying about 10 on my hand (you no its the only way to test any makeup) I decided on carbon black extreme eyeliner pen from soap and glory. 

I also got distracted by the other soap and glory make up and picked up the love at first blush in the colour turn your rose up. It's pretty and shimmery and I am a magpie hehe. 

That was it for shopping. I am looking forward to using them all and I no this blog is not too good but I'm tired. Byeee!! 

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