Saturday, 21 September 2013

What to do with my wedding dress???

It's been 6 months scince I got married and my wedding dress has just been hanging on the back of my bedroom door and I don't no what to do with it.  You buy a dress and have numerous fittings and feel amazing on your day wearing your princess dress you have stresses and worries about fitting but, what do you do with your dress after the main day? Do u save it just incase your daughter is the same size and have the same taste in wedding dresses? Do you sell it on EBay? Or do you donate it to a charity shop? 

After thinking about it I don't think I want to save it for my daughter (I might have all sons anyway) and I don't want to sell it on EBay as it's a bit too special for that. I want to donate it to a charity so I looked into different charity's and found the wedding wishing well foundation who specialise in organising weddings for terminally ill people. This charity was founded by Naomi Thomas who from reading the charity's website ( is an amazing selfless person whose story and reasons behind setting up this charity is so awe inspiring. 

So that's what I'm going to do I am going to donate it and I hope whoever wears my dress in the future will feel like a princess like I did on my wedding day. 

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