Wednesday, 3 September 2014

End of summer ramblings

As it’s now September we are hitting the very end of summer and into busy September I wanted to write down a few things I have enjoyed this year.
 I am usually not a fan of summer I don’t normally like the light evenings as I love nothing better that being cosy with a hot chocolate, candles and my duvet on the sofa to snuggle into while watching soaps and Downton Abbey however, this year it’s different I have loved the light evenings sitting in our garden with a glass of wine chatting and taking in the lovely weather I have also been learning to drive so the early evening drives around the city have opened up some beautiful sights that I want to explore next year.
This summer has been extra good for us as my husband found a full-time job (I am so proud of him) he had been frantically searching for a year and in June he got a job that suits him perfectly.  He also passed with flying colours a book keeping and computerized accounts course and is well on the way of getting his AAT accounting qualification.
Although it is fantastic him working and being so busy it does have one big problem I am now a part-time housewife and have lost my much better at cleaning house-husband!! I only work 16 hours a week and we both decided when he was full time I would take over the housework and cooking.  I am the 1st to say I am very untidy I am clean but cluttered how Rich kept our house clean with me living in it is beyond me I don’t pick anything up after I use it, I have found cups, pens, books, blankets and more just in the strangest places. So me being the sole cleaner has come a bit of a shock and after 2 weeks of living in a flat that looked like it had been burgled I had to change so I had a brilliant idea of making a cleaning rota.
I started by writing a list on a piece of paper and putting it on the fridge this didn't work as I didn't look at it enough! Next I typed a rota and made it pretty with stickers and encouraging amusing quotes and put it on my dressing table where I sat every morning to do my make-up. The plan was to read what jobs I had set out while slapping on foundation however, after 2 days of being late rushing around looking for things I had failed to put in its correct place and my life not being like a fairy-tale princesses it was covered by the mass of make-up I had put over it never to be read again. Although the writing a rota had gone dramatically bad and Rich getting a bit fed up of cleaning on his days off the light at the end of a very mess tunnel came when I won an Erin Condren life planner. This little beauty has been a life saver.  It’s bright and colourful and laid out in a way I like.
Every evening I write my jobs and goals for the following day and not only has this begun to work I am also sleeping better as the satisfaction of ticking off what I have done in my day is helping me sleep.  My husband is happier as he is no longer tripping over baskets of clean washing that I haven’t put away. I mean I haven’t changed my whole way of being because of a planner but it has worked.  I would love to be one of those people who can be tidy but, I am not we are always going to have a slightly chaotic flat and find peculiar objects in the wrong place (I found a pen in the freezer I beginning to think we have a fairy who hides things).
I know I always say this but I love writing and want to write more often maybe with rich being at work I can now get around to writing more as I have loads of ideas just never the motivation to write them.

That’s enough rambling for one day I think. Byeeee!!

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