Sunday, 7 September 2014

September Plans and Autumn cleaning

With September being well under way now I just want to write about some of our plans for the next month as its going to be a busy one!!!
The first that’s happening is my husband is turning 33 (he might be turning 33 but he’s a 10 year old at heart) and this weekend we had a small Dr Who themed party with decorations, blow up Darlek and a tardis coloured cake. Me and my brother have also been researching Doctor who foods mentioned in the show and we want to see how much of a geek he is and how many he can say from which Dr these are going to include marshmallow adipose, jelly babies, fish fingers and custard, jammie dodgers and celery.
His birthday isn’t until the 11th however all he wants to is relax for the day so the day I have planned breakfast in bed, calming bath, foot rub, movies and his favourite meal Lasagne. He also wants to go out for a meal so I think we will do that on the 12th a nice excuse to dress up and be fancy.
We also have a wedding this month Riches mum is getting remarried on the 13th of this month so we are currently in search for an outfit mode. The last time I saw riches family was our wedding and I looked a lot thinner so am slightly worried about being the fattest person there.  I have two choices of dresses a lacy coral dress and a blue and white 1950’s style a line dress both from Asos.  I brought the coral dress last spring and love it but never worn it because I feel too lumpy in it and I like the other dress but I’m not sure if it’s smart enough for a wedding.  I also have no shoes or accessories I’m thinking of wearing nude flats and a pashmina or smart jacket with some simple gold jewellery.
This month we welcome Autumn and I can’t wait spicy apple candles, colder weather and a chance to give my wardrobe and house a sort.  Although I am not a cleaner I do love a good sort and I have planned the last two weekends dedicated to having a sort through our bedroom, living room and kitchen. 
In the bedroom I like to pack away all the summer clothes and crack out the cute hats and woollen cardigans/jumpers and riches hoodies. I always buy myself new Pj’s and put on a more autumnal duvet set and really get the bedroom ready for cosiness all the while doing a general declutter of unwanted clothes and general odd and ends to take to a charity shop.
The living room is going to have a bit of a small makeover.  We are inheriting some new sofas and a new T.V when my dad moves house, so we want to clear a lot of the clutter and repaint a wall between getting rid of the old and collecting the new.   We decorated this room last year so all it needs is a small freshen up.
Then there’s the kitchen (await the rambley rant)I hate our kitchen and when I say I hate my kitchen I don’t mean just a little of the kitchen I mean the whole of the kitchen from the horrible green walls and tiles to the lino that never looks clean to the cupboards that everything falls out of.  If we owned the flat I would rip it all out and re-plaster the walls and completely start again however, we only rent and don’t plan on living here forever so we are stuck with the cupboards and lino.  I can do something I can paint it but I am conflicted do we want to pay out to paint it when were only planning on living there a little longer?  We have decided that it needs a clear out we have so much junk in our kitchen that the plan is to condense it to make it a little more manageable while we decide if we’re going to paint it or not.

So after the parties and cleaning and work we also want to have a couple of walks catch the last early evenings of summer ready for it getting cooler. 

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