Wednesday, 11 May 2016

We Moved!!

As you can see by the title we moved!!

However, when I move again please remind me never to move during the months of February and March!!  The month of February is too short to pack and clean while decorating and cleaning the new house. Needless to say 3 weeks is not enough time!! Also as my husband is an aspiring accountant I will not see him very much in March as he will be working all the overtime seeing as its the end of the financial new year. So unpacking the boxes and settling into the new house has taken a while.

We have moved from a horrible dank and damp 1 bedroom flat to a 2 bedroom terrace house. We have gained two extra rooms, an extra bedroom (current junk room) and a dining room. Due to the old flat being a damp hole we have had to repurchase quite a lot and I have found out Dunelm Mill is a dangerous place!!

I'm hoping now I'm living in a more stable less damp house this is going to spur me on to feel a little better about myself and get back to doing things I love like writing and cooking.

On the subject of cooking I have started a new Instagram account called @tappertizers this has pictures of some of the new recipes and foods I am now cooking.

Below I will add some pictures of the home ware I have purchased recently.

Table and chairs from The Range

Salt and pepper shaker from Tiger

We got the kettle microwave and toaster from Dunelm Mill and is from the candy rose collection

Thanks for reading xx.

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