Thursday, 19 May 2016

What I ate Wednesday! (birthday edition)

Yesterday was my birthday and as a quick blog post thought I would write a quick post on what I ate while celebrating (disclosure I did not eat healthy and will be living off salad for the next month). 

Breakfast – A birthday tradition in our house is breakfast of your choice in bed while opening your gifts. I had toast with jam, hobnob biscuits and a very large cup of tea. 

Lunch – My brother brought me a Panini press for my birthday and sneakily my husband brought cheese and turkey ham so cheese and ham toasties it's was!! 

Afternoon tea – Sounds posher than it was my Grandma, Sister, Step Mum and Dad came round for coffee and chocolate cake the chocolate cake was super gooey and sickly my sweet toothed husband had two slices. 

Dinner – last night we went to wildwood the restaurant with my dad, step mum and little brother. The food was amazing and very filling. I had a mojito cocktail  it was very nice but very strong. Then for starters I ordered calamari with Cajun Mayo this was really well cooked and the Mayo had a lovely spicy kick. For mains I had a chicken burger with fries (me the picky eater gave my jalapeño and tomato to my husband). And then to the dessert and we all got sundaes mine was an Eton mess sundae and it was so decadent and rich I could only manage half. 

I had a lovely quiet birthday and today I am off to spend some of the vouchers and money I received. (And take shares out in kale 😜) 

Thanks for reading. 

Just Kelly xx


  1. Belated happy birthday, i hope you had a wonderful day!!