Tuesday, 2 July 2013

June Anti-favorites

After writing about what I favoured yesterday I thought I would write about what I didnt like this month. These are my own opinions not influenced by anyone.
Firstly soap and glory glad hair day conditioner. This conditions well but my god it smells funky. I am not good at describing smells but its a kinda fruity soap smell (thats the worst smell description ever oopps) and my husband thinks it smells like old ladies bathroom (not that good at describing smells either hehe). I have used it a couple of times and like how it conditions without weighing my hair down, I just cant get over the smell. 
In yesterdays blog I said how I loved the Chocomania collection from bodyshop, however there is a product in the collection I didnt like and that is the Sugar body scrub. Firstly it smells too sickly sweet and then when you use it on your skin it feels like you have melted a chocolate Hobnob on yourself and if you get it on anything it stains. As a scrub I feel it's not abrasive enough and has a weird oily texture.
As I also said in the blog yesterday I'm starting to line the top of my eyes and at the beginning of the month brought a couple of eyeliners. I brought this one from seventeen, its called 3-way liquid eyeliner. It has a weird tip with 3 prongs and the idea of it (or what the lady in boots told me) is to dot the lid using the prongs and then join the dots. I can see the logic just I find that putting it into practice is almost impossible, trying to get the dots in a line is hard enough then using it to join them isn't easy either. Maybe its just my shakey eyelids or my own cack-handedness but I couldn't use it.
The next product I really tried to like. Its the simply sensitive eye makeup remover from Boots. It removes your makeup pretty well but it's just so oily it's like cleaning your eyes with olive oil (not that I've tried) and even my toner has troubles getting the oilyness off your eyes. It is a real shame because I really like the collection from Boots.
This spring/summer I have been trying to find a foundation that's light with good coverage so while out in America I bought Rimmel perfect match in the shade classic ivory. I dont like this product for 2 reasons 1) it's a bottle that you pour the foundation out and you can't judge properly how much you need so I waste it everywhere and 2) within about an hour of wearing it's either clung to every bit of dry skin or disappeared showing the redness and split veins I have. This is a shame because I really wanted to like it and tried lots of different ways of applying it.
And lastly a nail varnish. It's a Missguided nail varnish in the shade Missmatched. It's a beautiful bright orange colour and looked really good with my skin tone. The problem I had with it is that it took forever to dry and then only lasted a day without chipping and I wasnt even doing much with my hands for it to chip. 
So this is my first attempt at a "Products I didn't like" blog. Of course everyone is different and someone else may have different opinions about these products, but for me I was left disappointed by them and probably won't purchase them again unless they are part of a pack that has products in that I do like (like the Chocomania scrub was).
Thanks for reading!

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