Monday, 1 July 2013

June Favorites

So its July 1st and I want to share my June favourites. I love these videos on youtube so thought I would share in blog form.
I am going to start with my favourite fragrance I am loving Daisy Sunshine from Marc Jacobs. Its so fruity and refreshing it just makes me think of summer. I wore this on my wedding day so everytime I smell it immediatly cheers me up and the cute packaging will look lovely on my dressing table (when it finally arrives). I got the 50ml version of it and I am using it sparingly (resisting the urge to dowse myself in it everytime I see it) so it will hopfully last along time.

For hair its all about the Lush products.

I recently dyed my hair deep red and the dye made my hair more greasy that it normally is so I needed something to dry it out without fading the red. So after burning the insides of my nose with doing the usual ritual of sniffing everything in sight in Lush I found myself at the shampoo part and came across the Big shampoo and it being a sea salt shampoo thought of my greasy hair dilema and bought it along with the weird smelling Veganese conditioner.  The shampoo smells amazing, it reminds me of being at the beach. My hair smelled awesome for ages, it definitely takes the oils out of my hair and the corse sea salt exfoliates my scalp. I only use it once a week as it would take too much moisture out my hair. The only thing I don't like is its texture, its very gooey with chunks of salt in.  I have also put veganese in there as although i dont like the smell (reminds me of a flatmate who was a massive hippy and constantly burned incense) its light conditioning does the ends of my hair wonders without weighing down the roots. As you can see I have only used a small amount and I have used it everytime I washed my hair for the last 3 weeks so will last a good while.
For my body I have been using and favouring my body shop chocomania shower cream. This smells like Hershey's chocolate syrup and has the same texture without being sticky.  It's thick and luxourious and makes you feel like you are having a real treat. It doesn't contain soap and has cocoa butter in so leaves your skin silky and smooth. I have been pairing it with the Body Butter also in the chocomania collection which has a more sweet chocolate smell without being too sickly and although has a thick texture melts into the skin and dosn't leave you feeling like you have a layer of gunk on your skin.

I have a few makeup favourites this month, the main one being my Naked2 pallette. I bought this the beginning of this month and have fallen in love. From doing smokey eye looks to bright summery golds i have loved it. My favourites being YDK, Snakebite and Halfbaked.

I have also been loving Maybelline's instant age rewind dark circles eraser. I bought this in the US when on holiday and can't find it anywhere in the UK. If i had known that I wouldn't be able to find it at home I would have bought a few to keep as this stuff is magic. I have it in the shade fair clair, which is slightly lighter than my skin tone so works as a highlighter as well, and it really does what it says on the bottle.  My stubborn black circles disappear and I look suddenly more awake.  I love that it has the sponge on the end and its very blendable.
Sticking to the eye area, I have been trying out using eyeliner on my lids and am getting better. Whats worked the most is Avons super shock gel eyeliner.  It's in a pencil form but the product is like a hard gel. It glides on your eyes without really putting much pressure on your lids.

And lastly, lip products. I am liking the maybelline vivids lipstick in the colour Hot Plum and the lip butter from bodyshop. The lipstick is a blue purple and is lovely and bright and even stays on my lips for a long time. You can put it on thick on its own to have a striking lip or apply it lightly with some gloss on top for a more dressed down look. The lip butter is moisturing and keeps my lips feeling soft.
Thats all for my June favourites. Thanks for reading xxx

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