Thursday, 11 July 2013

Mini Primark Haul

I can't go into Primark without picking up more than what I intend to buy. This time I needed some new shoes for work and came out with a few extra bits so thought I would do a short haul.
Firstly they have changed the layout of our Primark so this gave me a good excuse to look around the shop and not head straight down to the shoes (well that’s what I told my husband hehe). We went to the accessories first and after 20 minutes of looking at all the neon necklaces I found the earring section and couldn’t leave without a few pairs.  After picking up about 5 packets I settled on the cream collection (the only thing cream was the pretty rose studs). After looking at the different packets of earring for ages I had to pick something up else I would have just looked suspicious.
My favorite's are the bows and roses.
While also in the accessories section I picked up a makeup bag, just a small one to fit in my handbag and it was so cute I couldn’t leave it there.
sorry for being blurry I can't get used to my camera

After doing my usual looking through the pyjamas and finding nothing in my size (have Primark stopped doing bigger sizes altogether?) we headed down to the shoes. It was the usual mayhem, shoes chucked everywhere, no place to sit to try on and hundreds of school kids. I must have tried on about 20 pairs of shoes before I settled on these and they were only £5.00, bargain!

And just when my husband thought it was all over and I couldn’t possibly take him anywhere else in the store he got dragged to the home ware department where I found 2 cute looking and sweet smelling candles which look perfect on my new dressing table.
And that's my mini Primark haul. I am getting an Asos delivery tomorrow, I took advantage of their 70% sale so if it all fits there might be another haul blog coming soon!
Thats all folks!!

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