Friday, 19 July 2013


After being rudely awakened by some idiot cutting the grass at 7am this morning (who in there right mind wants to get out of bed at 7am let alone cut the grass!!!) I thought of a topic for my blog Mornings.
I am not a morning person, my husband is not a morning person I have to admit I am probably worse in the morning Rich can form sentences I cannot. It can take up to an hour for my body to feel human after a nights sleep. I blame my bed it’s the most comfy warm comforting object in our flat lying in it is like being hugged by baloo from the jungle book (wouldn’t that be awesome).
After years of having to get up early for shifts at the hospital you would have thought I had got used to it but no. Although I have changed roles completely and have more reasonable hours to work this does not make it any easier to get up I just don’t like getting out of bed.
An average work morning consists of the alarm going off at 0730 and Rich starting the waking me up process. He presses the snooze button every 7 minuets for the next hour then the fight commences. I walk to the bathroom at around 0830 with my eyes still shut banging into everything and splash cold water on my face (if this isn’t working I splash water on my face till it does). While I am doing the bathroom things of brushing my teeth and washing my face Rich is making breakfast and my lunch for work (he’s such a good husband) he usually gets back into bed at this point while I get on with putting my face on and he then turns into a hyena laughing at my screams because I have poked myself in the eye with my mascara or eyeliner (it happens every morning you would have thought I’d learnt). While this is happening breakfast is consumed and I go from looking night of the living death to a watery eyed more professional looking person. Clothes also happen at some point. I then every morning go through a panic and look for the 3 things I always loose phone, bus pass and wallet. Then run out of the door normally forgetting my lunch.
I wasn’t always this bad honest before I became a teenager I could get up early with a smile and love morning TV however post teenager I am still pretty grumpy.
So I leave you with this thought if humans were meant to get up early why did evolution make the ability leave us at puberty???

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