Thursday, 18 July 2013

Our relationship story

I wanted to do a different type of Blog today I love reading and watching people talk about how they met and there relationship story so I wanted to write one.  This a longer post so if you don't like long posts there will be shorter ones soon.  
Richard and I (at the time of writing this) have been together for 4 and a half years. We met on the 18th of May 2008 I no the exact date as it was my 22nd birthday and was out with my family celebrating. Richard was out with a friend drowning his sorrows and apparently saw me in my far too short skirt bouncing around like an idiot. Me very very very drunk noticed him from the corner of my eye. He was tall with long dark hair wearing a long dark leather jacket phhoowwaahh I thought, so being drunk I went to talk to him. This I where my memory fades and when I woke up the next morning I has 2 photos on my phone. 1) of a long haired man and 2) of my cleavage (oopps).
excuse the bad quality it was 2008 after all
 I didnt take his number and I couldn't remember the name but remembered he was cute. Richard tells me he kept going back to the pub just in case I turned up but, i didnt't.

In the November of the same year Rich found me on facebook (he inists on it was me finding him) and we became really good friends though he had someone so becoming anything else wasnt going to happen.  In the march of the following year Rich split with his GF and on April the 7th we got together.

I think I fell in love with Rich in the August 2009 it was around the time Swine flu was flying around and everyone was suspected to have it no matter how many symptoms they had and this was us.  I came down with it first and Rich was close to follow. Two weeks of being quarenteened in Richs house I realised that we were perfect for each other anyone who could see me projectile vomit across a room and didnt run screaming is a keeper (i no to much info). During this time I needed to move out of my shared house and find somewhere to live. Not wanting to share with a bunch of people again i started looking for a 1 bed flat and after a couple of day of looking we agreed it would be a good idea for Rich to move with me. So September the 21st 2009 we moved into a attic flat.


This flat was perfect for all of a couple of months we soon found out that we hated immershan heated water, damp grew on walls at the speed of light and that I have a phobia of mice.  I worked as a health care assistant at the local hospital so when christmas came around i was working it all so while i worked rich went to his mums and we celebrated with curry and a luke warm bath in the evening.
We did eventually move out of the damp flat and straight into a equally damp flat but with less mice and at least a shower with hot water.  We only stayed here for the fixed tennacy 6 months and moved into our favorite flat.
Richard was turning 30 this year and we were looking at ways to celebrate it. Rich had never been out of the country so going on holiday was planned. Sitting one evening we decided visiting London and going to Euro Disney would be perfect so it was planned traveling up to London on the train explore London on the tube and travel to Euro Disney for 4 days and 3 nights then returning home. We found train fares cheaper for 1st class than normal class so whipped them up.  Disney was so fun it brought the child out in us both and gave Rich the perfect oppitunuity to propose. Though from what he said it wasnt easy proposing as I kept getting distracted by Disney things he eventrully got down on one knee on a mississippi river boat using my gran and grandads eternity ring it was magical.

We got back and started planning our perfect wedding and more importantly started saving.  This is when our year of bad luck started Christmas 2011 was going to be our first full Chrstmas together I had Christmas off work and we had saved to make it just right however, on the 18th of december Rich started to become ill and after 4 days of suffering he got addmitted to hospital with a burst appendix he almost died. It was the worst 2 weeks of our lives and we still think about it now. When he came home we celebrated christmas and got on with our lives . However only 2 short months later i came down with Labryinthitus (no idea if thats spelt right) and never really recovered and in the April i collasped and got sent into hospital after numerus tests I got sent home. Months and months of MRI scans and blood tests I got diagnosed with ME. Also during this time our flat got put up for sale and we were told to move so sofa surfed for a few months until out current flat came about.
Life calmed down and I got a new job with alot less hours and restarted planning our wedding which took place on the 15th March 2013.

We went on honeymoon in May and went to Walt disney world for 2 amazing weeks.

 I have no idea what life will throw at us next we want to have a family and see what happens!!


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