Saturday, 11 January 2014

Oh what a bad week

Well Monday was ment to be the most depressing day of the year and for me that has gone on for the whole week. 

I woke up Monday morning for my 1st day back at work after two and a bit weeks off for Christmas and I get a phone call from my sister saying my great grandma is really poorly in hospital and it dosn't look good. I went to work and will drop in to see her afterwork but at 11am I get the news she had passed away. She was an amazing woman who has lived her life to the full to the age of 92. She never minced her words and was very straight talking if she didn't like something you knew about it and it's one of the things I found special about her. 

Also that morning I had booked an appointment with the doctor to discuss the constant headache I has all weekend and I got prescribed an increase in one medication and some migraine tablets these all did nothing I went to bed Monday sad with a banging headache.

Tuesday I woke up with the same headache and went into work and that morning was weird. I work in a small office with 4 specailist nurses and I am there secretary and usually it's the most pleasant place to work however before I arrived something had happened that made them all fall out and the atmosphere was incredibly difficult and I wasn't helping as I wasn't feeling good either. I come home to my husband rolling with tooth pain and had been sent home from college with a temperature. 

Wednesday still have a headache. I also booked in an eye test which told me my eyesight has got worse and I need new glasses. Rich had some of his infected gum taken away at the dentist and was prescribed antibiotics and told to go back on Friday for 2 teeth to be removed (rather him than me I can't walk into a dentist without feeling queasy). Didn't get any sleep this night because of headache. 

Thursday I still had my headache and decided to stay off work so I can sleep and go back to the drs. About 12 after a particularly bad moment of my headache my left side of my face went numb. My dad took me down to the gp who put my face going numb to the migraine and upped my meds more and prescribed more migraine tablets. I went home haven't eaten all day (my new PCOS diet has gone to shot this week) I made myself a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and toast with peanut butter and then spilt the drink all over my sofa, me and down the fan grills of my laptop. After the initial swearing and jumping around the room still holding on to the plate of toast the phone rings to give my husband his password to do the accountancy course he's signed up to that can only be done on the now hot chocolate filled laptop!! 

So I have written off this week and yesterday and today I have just done some cleaning and lying in a darkened room waiting for the pain in my head to stop. My husband had this two teeth taken out yesterday and neither of us feel like doing anything. 

Me my husband and my great grandma. I don't look particularly good in this but see how happy she looks in this photo this has helped me smile through this tough week. 

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