Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday home spa

After a night of very little sleep and this morning with the headache from hell I am spending the afternoon spoiling myself. I also am going through my lush boxes I got for Christmas and cutting them to get the most out of them. Bubble bars are easy but how do you break up bathbombs??!!?? 

I started my pampering Sunday with a soak in a creamy candy bubble bath and omg I smell sooooo good and my skin is so soft. I have matched that with the vanilla dee-light body lotion from lush on my elbows and knees (they always need an extra bit of love) and the Baylis and Harding wild rose and raspberry leaf foot lotion (smells like Turkish delight mmm). I washed my hair with lushes big shampoo and after I towel dried I sprayed Aussie miracle recharge leave in conditioner. For my face I have used my origins a perfect world cleanser and soap and glory no clogs allowed face mask and found out I have ran out of face moisturiser and the closest I have is vitamin e eyecream better than nothing I suppose. Now I realise I have forgot to tone oops. 

I also gave myself a little manicure I filed and applied nail foils as the second time I have done this they have come out pretty well. 

They rest of my Sunday is going to be getting my stuff ready to go back to work tomorrow, cook tea and see what Sunday night t.v has in store. 

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